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Clan Operations

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As the proud owner of a clan, you have full control over the people who can be invited, and what their active status is within the clan. You can also create and change your clan title and clan description. As a clan owner, you gain access to the clan "moderator" control panel, which will automatically be available to you when you select "Clans" from the menuing system.

Within this control panel, you have a listing of the people in your clan, what their active status is, what invites are pending, and other features needed to maintain control over the clan operations. The way you control your clan is completely different from the old MSN Gaming Zone. :) Back in the zone days, people would send in requests to join your clan, and you would have to put up with all of the ... silly people ... pestering you. What we do is give YOU the control over who YOU want to send an invitation to, and it works this way.

In your control panel, you will see a list of people that are currently in the same game lobby, where their nics fall within the restrictions you have specified when you created the clan. Of course, people who are already in a clan (yours or otherwise) will not be listed. You will select the nic in the list, and click on the send invitation. When that has been done, the person you sent the invitation to will have a "clan invite request" appear at the top of their players list in the main lobby. They do NOT have to respond to it immediately, in fact they can even log out and come back into another lobby (or the same one) at any time, and the invite will still be there. At the same time in your control panel, that persons nic will appear in the "invited" area, to remind you that invitations have already been sent.

When the user clicks on this notification, they are presented with a list of the clans they have been invited to join (usually this would only be one, but it is possible for there to be more). They then have the option of rejecting or accepting your request. If they reject it, then their nic will be removed from your invited list. If they accept it, then their nic will be added in as a clan member, but their STATUS will be set to inactive. At the same time, any other pending clan inviations will be removed from them.

The reason they are set "inactive", is to give you the option to confirm their membership within your clan. Maybe you changed your mind, who knows... either way, it is under your control.

So you now have a listing of your clan members and their status. You can select each clan member, and activate them, suspend them, remove them... or even make ONE of them a clan co-owner. Any changes you make in the control panel are updated in real time online, as well as behind the scenes. This means that if you have an active member, and want to suspend them, they instantly lose the clan avatar, clan chat, etc. Co-owners can control the clan just as you can, however co-owners can not change the status of the owner. Any clan member, other than the owner of course, can remove themselves from the clan at any time, however they would then have to be "invited" again by the owner or co-owner.

These are preliminary instructions on how to operate your clan, and will be updated as needed.
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