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Hi, Its 10:30at night . May 7 2020. .. Hi I havent been on Crimson Skies in so may years. I logged on digital blood sports tonight and i am getting java script errors as I tried to get into stoners room... And more importaqnt i have learned that Cyborg Has passed . It's truely a sad thing. ILike I said i aint been on forever , ICE STORMS here , Yes Old ICE STORMS.. Call me David. Im so sad to hear Cyborg passed. He was 72 yrs old and still smokin weed in 2004 RIP ole CY. He was a Pillar..I really want someone to call me at my phone number to re-establish relations and to give a teamspeak channel i can acually use. for the last year ive been trying to logg on the teamspeak channels via digital blood sports web site without sucess. I always get a java screict error.... Feel Free to call old ICE STORMS aka David at 305-238-8681... RIP Cyborg. LOve ya baby. Your the best, such dedication. SMOOTCH!
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Re: Crimson Skies

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I know you have been in the teamspeak server, so I am guessing that is no longer an issue. Most people who use the website main page can just click on one of the teamspeak rooms shown, and get connected to it. Its a simple javascript that the server runs to connect into the IP and room number. Not sure what browser you are using but if you "mouse over" any of the rooms in the teamspeak online display, you will see at (typically) the bottom left side, what the connection looks like.

You have also stated that you can't seem to download the game lobby installer from the link posted in the forum. And I recall you mentioning in teamspeak chat, that you have issues trying to download anything from a website link click. I kinda think that perhaps you are having an issue with your browser. You may want to investigate that. As well, you might want to edit your post above, and remove your phone number... Just saying :)
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