David Union RIP

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David Union RIP

Post by Chewie »

It is our sad duty to inform all that David Union died yesterday.

I would guess he might like it said that he went down over northern England after taking a direct hit from a coronavirus missile. He was alone in the aircraft having refused crew because of the dangers of the mission, although messages were relayed by means of a portable radiocommunications device.

Enquiries 07963560006
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Re: David Union RIP

Post by CanEh »

oh my god... I understand you are married to Dave's daughter, and I want to express my deepest condolences to the family. Dave was a pillar in this community and he will be deeply missed.

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Re: David Union RIP

Post by Onionbag »

I'm still trying to process this information, so sad at the loss of a very good friend who we all have known for many years.
RIP Cpt Cyborg.
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Re: David Union RIP

Post by EDF The Shooter »

My sencere condolences,

I will look back on our times togetter with fondness and a smile, he had a passion about alot of things and could talk for hours.

Althou he did not have much, he was very hospitable when I came to visit. I drank a few beers, he had a few hits of tea and we talked and laughed for hours.

The first time that I came over to Sheffield (with my mate Jack) I had only talked to him on Ventrilo and as a good guest I wanted to bring some traditional Dutch treats, but knowing Chris was diabetic (who we also plan te visit) we brought Frikandellen, Kroketten Mexicanos and the like, all deep-frie snacks (fat but no sugar)
We ended up staying a week and slowly eating our own pressend(we brought a lot), grilled and not fried (Dave dit not have a deep-fry). After that week and much fun later Dave sat down with a shy after a long night and said "No more sausages!"
Good times good stories

May the sun be in your back, your fuel full and your ammo infite,
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Re: David Union RIP

Post by Flashover »

Very sad news. My condolences to Cyborgs family. I first flew CS with Cy in early 2001 and onward, we had many fun times together. He will be deeply missed. RIP Cy.
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Re: David Union RIP

Post by SnowStoat »

I flew with David on WarThunder for several years as I am a rookie compared to the other members of BoP. I knew him as Nathan Zachary. I found him to be cranky, irritable, and hard to get along with; my favorite kind of person. He had a great sense of humor. He told me he lived in Camden, New Jersey in the late '50s and early '60s near where I lived at the time. He was a very interesting guy and he taught me a lot.
My condolences to his friends and family.
He was a very fine fellow and I miss him very much.

SnowStoat, also known as Robert Klein
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Re: David Union RIP

Post by timcarp »

so sorry to hear about nathan__zachary or cyborg how i knew him in war thunder was a good friend he will be missed timcarp
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Re: David Union RIP

Post by tazmo8448 »

His spirit will be sorely missed. RIP amigo.
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Re: David Union RIP

Post by ICE STORMS »

ICE STORMS here ( 2000 ) - ( now ). First of all sorry to hear ole Cyborg has passed. Yes, he loved to talk, he loved Crimson Skies and he and I got into it at times. He wasnt very good at Crimson BUT he was GREAT for the game. the last 2 years has been filled with death for everyone i know. My sister and mom died and seems 2020 - 2022 has been filled with death for many i personally know as well.I heard Cyborg came back on Teamspeak after his first stroke and then after his second stroke in which he could barely talk, THIS is what really makes me feel sad for him, it must have just eatin him alive that he couldnt talk well. So Sad and just SO sad, BUT none of us are immune to death. He used to live in Miami as I do. In 2004 I was talkin to him on TS and he told me he lived 2 miles from my house at one time in the 70s I think, anyhow NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES me and Cy got into it he always let me back in his channel. Also,He always liked to have everything his way!! LOL. He was an interesting fun chap and he was very devoted to Crimson and having fun.

We well be right behind ya CYBORG, were comming to hang out with ya soon Buddy.
Thanks for all the memories and late nights of fun.
I may have been alot better then ya at Crimson, BUT YOU ARE THE FACE OF THE GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ITS all you buddy.
always remember, ( Puff and Pass and dont Humphrey the damn joint ).
See ya soon.
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