A message to WCS_Avalon

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A message to WCS_Avalon

Post by CanEh »

2013-01-13 09:43:43 WCS_Avalon: Hello and welcome to DBS! We are pleased to announced new upgrades which have stripped our site to its bare bones and taken away any unique features it once had.
2013-01-13 09:43:51 WCS_Avalon: We've worked tirelessly to rip off another gaming site, that in turn had ripped off an even older, more well established gaming site.
2013-01-13 09:44:27 WCS_Avalon: We're super stoked and by golly, so excited we can't stop touching ourselves!
2013-01-13 09:44:43 WCS_Avalon: Now you too can reap the benefits of a single lobby and see a 55yr old suck the phallic hell out of a 75yr old, whilst they recite chapter and verse of 50 shades of gay. Mmm that sounds...sexah!
I'm going to try to be polite here, because you may not have read what I posted in the lobby...

I told you, I have not ripped off Game Ranger. In fact, I have not been there in years. I also said that I seem to recall when you enter their site, you have multiple chat rooms to pick from. And you have to select a game table specifically designed for the game you want to play.

Here there is now one chat lobby. It's currently called "General", and it is a place where all players of all games can meet. Each game table can be set (by the host) for the game they want to play. A lack of sane judgement on my part still allows for your old game of Mech Gold to be selected.

As for "unique features it once had"... the only difference in the new system is that players have lost the ability to set an image in their game table. This is now controlled by the server, so that when players enter a table, they have a clear picture of the game being played. With that said, we are still "acquiring" the appropriate images that represent each game, and only a few have been made so far.

Unless of course, you are refering to the "unique feature" of having a dedicated game lobby where you and your crowd could be rude, spout racial comments, scream profanity, and be outight assholes without screwing up someone elses fun. Ya, sorry about that... (not)

When you first came here several years ago, you convinced me that your marketing skills would help, and I was running some color changes by you for your thoughts. You never did get involved with your promises. And you kept inquiring about the support for Windows 98 and also kept saying that you were in the process of upgrading your system "shortly".

To my knowledge, you never did that. All of this indicates to me that the true farce in all of this... is you. Not me. Not SlideGamers. Not Reverb Gaming. Not Digital Blood Sports.

After everything we have done here, to accomodate your little crew of villians, you have the nerve to come in and say what you say. Well... please don't come back. Your kind is not welcome here. Should you have a change of mind on what you think... then give it another try. But I warn you... if your intent is to bash, I will simply block you from ever having access to anything here.

Essentially, you can choose to play nice and not bite the hand that feeds you. Or you can piss off. Either way, I honestly could care less. One thing you have clearly proven to me over the years, is you are nothing but bullshit.
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Re: A message to WCS_Avalon

Post by tazmo8448 »

Well Put
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Re: A message to WCS_Avalon

Post by NathanZachary »

Well said sir
If It Don't Fit Don't Force it' use a bigger hammer
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