3.01 updates coming

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3.01 updates coming

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The orignal 3.0 update release some time back totally changed how the login and lobby entries were handled. One central login now allows maintained connections with the information server, allowing for multiple connections to all lobbies without the need to login for each one.

There are several reasons for this change, but the most important one was to allow for the equivalent concept of the old "Zone Friends" side. This is still being developed and it will be a few revisions down the road before it has been finalized. With that said, the new process still needs some fine tuning.

The old system would disconnect your current lobby connection when you logged in again with the same nic. The new system also does the same, so "care" is required when you want to enter other lobbies you are not currently in, otherwise you keep getting the pop-ups telling you the old connection was disconnected. This is not cool, and the next release will change how that happens. If you are currently in a lobby, and enter it "again", then the new connection will just silently terminate. You will have to "hunt" in your task bar to find that lobby and select it.

The new 3.0 system also "minimizes" to the task bar once you have entered a lobby, and all lobby connections in your task bar all show the same icon. This process will change as well in the next release. Once you have logged in, and entered a game lobby, the "launcher" portion of the program will appear in the systray (the same area your clock and other system icons appear), and each lobby will have an icon file image associated with that lobby, making it easier to find those lobbies in your task bar (when you have multiple lobbies running).
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