Lobby system starts with installer

Lobby client downloads, Gaming patch files for video cards and/or nocd files
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Lobby system starts with installer

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This is the first major revamp of how the entire package works...

I hope you like the new install process, and how future things will happen much easier.
:arrow: WARNING! Vista and Win7 users should cancel the "automatic running of the program after it has been installed" option, and manually run the program AS ADMINISTRATOR. DO NOT RUN THE UPDATER FROM THE ZIP FOLDER, YOU MUST EXTRACT IT FROM THE ZIP AND RIGHT CLICK IT TO RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR. If you fail to do this, you may be presented with an error that states something about it not being a valid program file (when you try to run the lobby client program). And don't forget you need at LEAST the dot net 3.5 platform installed as well. I have tested this with Windows 7 and only the dot net 4 platform installed, and it works fine.

With that said, I would strongly suggest you use add/remove programs and uninstall the old components if the version you have is BEFORE the version 3 series... You will not lose any of your sounds, emotes, game backgrounds, etc...

:arrow: NOTE: This software requires a minimum of the Microsoft Dot Net 3.5 platform. Check your add/remove programs to see if it is there. IF it is not, then head over to the Microsoft site and get the latest version for your system.

Then grab this zip file, extract the updater directly from the zip... and probably go with the defaults.

NOTE: No one has to "log in" to this forum to download this software. However if you have NOT created a user account in the forums by registering, then you will not have a game lobby "log in" either. You must create a user account here and you MUST respond to the validation email sent out to verify your account, if you want to access the game lobby system.


Problems? Here is the exact process, so that you understand what happens.

The updater *installer* program runs, says "I don't have any of these files YET, but I will copy or create some default folders for later on, and when I get those folders made, I will then run this updater program.

The updater program checks with the server for the latest files, and decides which ones to send. It then starts a download into the program file folder where you installed... the missing or outdated files. It also checks to make sure you are not running the launcher or client programs, and if any are found it will shut them down before downloading any updates.

Once the updates are done, the updater program then runs the game lobby program, which is called "Lobby Launcher".

You have to have a system that supports these things...

:!: IF you have NOT read the words above that appear in :roll: BOLD, :roll: and you can't get the program to work, then sh :oops: ame on you With all due respect of course :)
Updated Dec 2014 - Please make sure you extract the installer, and right-click to "run as admin"... The installer will create the necessary files and folders, and then run the updater to complete the installation process.
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