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Tue Apr 19, 2022 12:11 am
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Topic: David Union RIP
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Re: David Union RIP

ICE STORMS here ( 2000 ) - ( now ). First of all sorry to hear ole Cyborg has passed. Yes, he loved to talk, he loved Crimson Skies and he and I got into it at times. He wasnt very good at Crimson BUT he was GREAT for the game. the last 2 years has been filled with death for everyone i know. My sist...
Fri May 08, 2020 3:39 am
Forum: Combat Flight Sims and other flying type games
Topic: Crimson Skies
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Re: Crimson Skies

Hi, Its 10:30at night . May 7 2020. .. Hi I havent been on Crimson Skies in so may years. I logged on digital blood sports tonight and i am getting java script errors as I tried to get into stoners room... And more importaqnt i have learned that Cyborg Has passed . It's truely a sad thing. ILike I s...