No saved progress in CS

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No saved progress in CS

Post by SgtFirecracker1 »

Thanks to this forum I got CS to run just fine, thank you.
The only problem I find is it will not save my progress when playing campaign. Every time I open the game it starts from the first mission.
Any ideas what the problem is?

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Re: No saved progress in CS

Post by CanEh »

hmm.. single player campaign... To be honest, I don't recall that portion of the game "saving" any progress... I think it was just a series of scenarios with some defaults that you could change (aka number of planes attacking, the squad type, etc) so that you could get practice in. Which is nice, it allows you to fine tune your controls and stuff. I could be wrong, its been a LONG time since I have played that portion.

Online playing is a totally different ball of wax.

By the way, the plane builder program is not capable of creating hacked planes. :) ... it conforms 100% to the specifications of each plane. The big difference between the stand alone program and the one supplied within the game is... the stand alone program will actually save your weapon load preferences, so the next time you use that custom plane, your guns and rockets will already be defined. Of course... "in game"... you can always change them for that round... but they will default to the load out you created, along with the colors and stuff that you defined.

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