Crimson Skies Help please

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Crimson Skies Help please

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Hey guys i know i havent shown my face in Crimson Lobby for a while but i have good reason.
Firt off i spilt beer on my old laptop over a month ago, since then i quit drinking lol ,and have recently found a reliable contact for some pot, finally!...happy days but thats not the point here.

The point being is now im now using a sony vaio windows vista 32 bit off my girlfriend, and ive downloaded crimson skies 3 times and cant get it bloody working. Ive got the CloneDrive on the pc and each time i try to clone the crimsonskies.img nothing happens, it just stays as the virtualclonedrive image on the desktop : (

so yeah If anyone can hazard a guess as to what could be wrong or what i could do, id be most greatful coz i miss playing crimson : )

Your friend Legend.

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Re: Crimson Skies Help please

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:arrow: get Teamspeak 3 install close it then click on the link :

:arrow: ... And%20Well and we should be able to sort it
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