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Re: CFS 2 Help

Post by CanEh »

I know lots of people will deal with the forwarding of the ports required by the game, but I wonder if they are forgetting about the next step in configuring the router, which is to address the port trigger. There are 2 trigger entries that potentially need defined, and they are as follows:

Triggered Range Forwarded Range
Start Port End Port Start Port End Port
47624 47624 2300 2400
6073 6073 2302 2400

I am not sure that will fix the problem, as I don't play CFS myself and I've never seen that particular message in any of the older dplayable games around. It could mean that it is having a hard time dealing with the ports, or it could possibly mean that maybe the version of directX that is installed on your system doesn't know how to handle that particular interface. You have to remember that back in the time, DirectX 6 was the most common version. And as Microsoft updates things, they do start to remove some of the backwards compatability with things.

From what I understand, DX9 generally seems to work well still... but if you have something higher than that, it may not.

The other potential issue, well... actually there are several... has to do with using say, windows firewall and a router. IMHO, windows firewall should be disabled in those cases. You have a piece of software fighting with a piece of hardware and its just not a good thing. And you also have to remember that for firewalls that you DO use, there are 2 indirectly accessed programs being used that the firewall may require permissions for.

When you launch a game as a HOST, the direct play functions run a program called DPLAYSRV, which allows your system to act as a server and connect to the internet. Hence it needs to allow both play and server permissions. When you JOIN a game as a player, direct play runs a program called DPLAY which of course, needs permission to access the internet.

Once you have checked out those things and you are still having problems, perhaps post what operating system you are using and what version of direct X that you have installed... You can find that out by running DXDIAG (aka start... run... and enter dxdiag and press enter)

Just as a side note... some ISP's need to be contacted to make sure that the ports you need for the game are open. WHY they have such a setup is beyond me... seems to me that ISP's that do that are more interested in controlling what you do and thats just wrong.

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Re: CFS 2 Help

Post by NS38th_Nil_7 »

This guide was made back in the Zone days, but should still give you some ideas on what to check to get rid of the dp2 error message:

The main causes for the error as i remember it, was outdated version of directx, software firewall misconfigured and missing port forwarding for those using routers.

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Re: CFS 2 Help

Post by 486ColWolf »

Most routers have an automatic port forwarding option. For CFS 1 and 2, they are the same ports as DirectX 7 & 8 and MSN Zone. If the games does not appear on the drop down list on your routers port forwarding options, just choose MSN Game Zone or DirectX 7 & 8. These will automatically open the ports for CFS 1 & 2

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