CFS 2 Help

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CFS 2 Help

Post by MPIOwl »

Hi just found this looks nice but cant seem to get a cfs2 game to work it will launch fine but people are not getting in the lobby getting error (problem getting DP2 Interface} any help would be great we have a few people that would like to play tks.

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Re: CFS 2 Help

Post by MPIOwl »

ok got it to launch with people worked great!!!! the problem is with the NAT Router if anybody knows about this any input would help. Tks S~ lets play some cfs2

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Re: CFS 2 Help

Post by MPIWentBallistic »

Thanks to whoever made this softare.
Cfs2 and Mechwarrior here I come.

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Re: CFS 2 Help

Post by Perigren »

with routers you need to forward your ports,the games read me should have a list of which ones. if you cannot figure that out,try the dmz is less secure but works well.

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Re: CFS 2 Help

Post by CanEh »

Back in the good old Zone days, there was a fella who did all kinds of technical support. Lucky for you, he is still around, and he even has ALL of that old information available! will take you to the port stuff... and of course the main website section is

Thanks for allowing the links to be posted here, Jimmy!! (aka +NibblesNbits from the zone)

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Re: CFS 2 Ports to open

Post by MPIOwl »

i did not find it at that site but I found it here http://www.thecfs2flightdeck.comif anybody wants to play CFS 2 with a router you will need to open these ports in your router to play or host.

start and ending numbers

TCP Ports: 443 > 443; 6667 > 6667; 2300 > 2400; 28800 > 29100; 47624 > 47624...

UDP Ports: 2300 > 2400.

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Re: CFS 2 Help

Post by scruff »

hi guys.being new to this game,and pc' in general,im havig trouble getting in to a multiplayer do i open ports?i added some but no good.any and all help appreciated.


Re: CFS 2 Help

Post by 4way »

ok im what,oh,let me install game again first.i hope this catches on.i still cant believe they took it off the zone.
4way aka mpi scout

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Re: CFS 2 Help

Post by Skuggi »


I am flying on Reverb. every day.
After a lot of trial and error with Reverb- CFS2 and Router problems
i can say for sure, that if you are getting a "problem getting DP2 Interface" message,
a port or ports are not open. Simple as that.

Only other time you can get that error message (even if all ports are open), is if
the host disconnects from room while you are loading into his game.
CFS2 will not always pass the hosting to the player connecting.
Applies when only the host is in the game and player connects the same time he leaves.

Problem getting DP2 Interface.. is not a windows or cfs2 problem.
Simply means that the game is not getting through the ports required to
connect to another IP.
Hope this helps.

cya on Reverb

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Re: CFS 2 Help

Post by TinTin57 »

Hi, we get the same errors on launch. We can all get into the lobby itself fine but just on launching we get the intro screen for quite a while and then the interface message. Checked and double checked the port forwarding but getting nowhere fast. Any ideas?

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