Mechcommander Info

Mech Commander (2 and Gold), Mech Warrior (3, 4 and Pirates Moon), and others in the series
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Mechcommander Info

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Mechcommander is a new real-time action strategy game of tactical combat and resource management set in the stunningly detailed BattleTech® universe. The player assumes the role of a MechCommander, in command of a growingunit of MechWarriors® and their assigned 'Mechs®.

You can download the full game's at you can also find patches, help and general useful information there.

So come play with us @ ReverbGaming CD Rom Mechcommander Gold/2 Lobby :) - Download the games for free now! Play them @ now!

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Re: Mechcommander Info

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Hello people, long time no see.

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Re: Mechcommander Info

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When are ya'll gonna play, i'm bored!!!!! lets do 4th July

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Cool! I'm so glad that there is still a Mechcommander community, I have such nostalgic feelings toward this game! :D

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I know what you mean. I just found out about the release of the MC2 source, and before I knew it I was looking for an online community. Awesome to have found this place. :)

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Man, I feel like I'm picking back up where I left off 10 years ago. I was so into MC1 and I had to bail on all my friends moving to MC2 because my parent's computers graphics card couldnt handle it.....
It took 10 years, BUT IM HERE TO PLAY!!

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A little rusty too, no doubt... which should make you ripe for the pickings. (Like I would know anyway since I've never played NECH) We recently added in Mech 1, and have what some say is a decent selection of the other versions which, for the most part, appear to be working.

Hopefully you will get some action but... it is up to the players here to get folks in, so grab your friends and your friends friends... and battle on!

Don't forget that Mech 4:Mercs is being released free, and the MekTec site will be the official release place.

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:shock: Where are da white women at? *says it like Sheriff Bart*

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my turn to be nostalgic, as well as bump this thread. Come play MC1 or MCG!

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