This is what i gotta put up with from Gameranger players

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This is what i gotta put up with from Gameranger players

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Guessmaname: hey man
Legend: hi
Guessmaname: i saw it
Legend: k
Guessmaname: where are all the players
Legend: we play at a place called DigitalBloodSports
Legend: its basically the source code of Zone
Legend: but a smaller base
Legend: all downloads are on that site
Guessmaname: thats sick
Legend: i was pleased to see u both
Legend: dieing to get the word out there man
Guessmaname: is there someone where i can get coop maps?
Legend: elaorate for me
Legend: *elaborate
Guessmaname: like multiplayer maps where you have ai opponents
Legend: ammm
Legend: as far as i know thats not possible online
Legend: lol
Guessmaname: how many people part of your site?
Legend: 43 members
Legend: i hope to hit a target of 100 members
Legend: by end of the year
Guessmaname: how do you play/
Guessmaname: i dont really want to download a client from a random website tho
Guessmaname: could be a hack
Legend: well i can assure u its safe
Guessmaname: how?
Legend: and we have at least 20 members
Legend: that come on at different times
Legend: active members
Guessmaname: im in
Legend: well its basically a small client
Guessmaname: whats the website
Legend: go to forum
Legend: register a nickname
Legend: validate your email
Legend: done
Guessmaname: im sorry your site looks too sketch
Legend: i know its a lot to ask but i get people to sign up to my forum in there spare time, so i can send a ulk mail mesage organizing sunday fight nights e.t.c
Legend: wot u mean sketch
Guessmaname: no trustworthy
Guessmaname: not*
Legend: which site
Legend: how does it look sketch
Guessmaname: I am sorry friend
Guessmaname: Ill see you around
Legend: its not a hack
Guessmaname: I couldn't be sure tho
Guessmaname: sorry =(
Legend: i consider myself an honest person and im trying to gather more mechcommander players

*user has blocked your messages*

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Re: This is what i gotta put up with from Gameranger players

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Just hang in there and don't let the bastards get you down i have more than a few new nic's in the lobby so you must be getting through to somebody
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