Mech Commander (2 and Gold), Mech Warrior (3, 4 and Pirates Moon), and others in the series
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Post by Punisher1 »

Hi all,

I wanted to stop in and introduce myself, I have played the MW series and currently have MC2 and the MW4 Vengence and Merc series.

I got back into these games due to accidentally finding the MechWarrior Living Legends mod for Crysis, comming out soon (I hope)

So if you are up for some gaming e-mail me and lets sort out some times.

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Re: Introduction

Post by Rider »

Welcome to ReverbGaming Punisher :) Theres quite a few of us who play Mechcommander Gold, which is similar to Mechcommander 2, you can also download it at unfortunatley the site is down at the moment due to maintence upgrades. But drop by the lobby some time and i can give you a link to Download if your interested!

Anyways welcome to the community hope you enjoy your stay :) - Download the games for free now! Play them @ now!

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Re: Introduction

Post by Cope57 »

Well here I am wanting to start back into Mechs. Which ones are supported for this lobby client?

I have not downloaded any of the games, but I do have the CD's to these mech games.
  • MechCommander
  • MechCommander Gold
  • MechCommander 2
  • MechWarrior3
  • MechWarrior4 Vengence
  • MechWarrior4 Black Knight
I believe I also have MechWarrior Mercs, but can not locate it at this present time.

Can I still use the CD's, or do I need to download them? I was reading about some games not using CD's any longer, and can run the game without the CD. What patches do I need, and where should I get them?

Oh, the site is down at this time, so is MekTek the only place to get the patches, and do I need to also download their patched versions for the different games?
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