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Re: MechCommander GUID

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Wow, some old names in here. I've been following the Mechwarrior Online news and started feeling nostalgic. Does anyone still monitor this board?

I figured I'd post on the latest thread to see if anyone was subscribed to it. If this is a naughty feel free to delete (at least I'll know someone saw it :) )

My brother and I used to play the original Mechcommander (mostly in Mplayer "M-pig" (anyone? :) )). We played under various names but I thought this name might be better known. I know for sure we played with Avalon (used the mic a lot in the lobby). BLADE I definitely remember, not sure if I played a lot with you but you were definitely really good. CanEh sounds familiar. bIoHaZaRd I definitely know. You got me in to mechwars (, platon, BioCorp clan) ">)". Kaoss Dear, don't see him here but I remember when he started playing mechcommander and within a few months he was amazing at it. Wilfy, HotShotDriver (old school). I found this youtube video with none other than Avalon himself (

We played under the names Newbify, Newbify2 (me), KANNYON (both of us), and a few others.

Glad to see some familiar names, hope everyone is holding up well. Have a good one.

Looks like Killa AKA ToooGood posted over at ... port-here/

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Re: MechCommander GUID

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it's alive

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