Crimson Skies Video Patch and Plane Editor Version 3

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Crimson Skies Video Patch and Plane Editor Version 3

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In order to assist folks, with the various "nocd" and "video card" issues this post contains a link to a new Crimson Skies installer file.

No need to patch or mount just Install... includes all the fix's for the new video cards, plus the latest edition of the plane editor, all with one install.

Thanks to the work of Timeslip for the video fixes, and to Chronic for putting all of the files together, and all the people who support our work keeping this great old game running :

Image ... _Setup.exe just download and install.
Timeslip has provided the patch files for the newer video cards and Windows 7 and Cronic and the Guys have included them in .
You will find this really usefull

This is the latest plane editor, rebuilt for faster graphics display of plane colors, and some improvements that show plane information. This is a single EXE, it does not need to be "installed"... just extract the EXE and place it anywhere you want to. NOTE: This install is INCLUDED in the main setup above. It is included here for those that already have the game itself installed, and just want to build some custom planes.

Updated Sept 2014 to fix a bug with not selecting a turret gun, and another bug when having 8 hard points.
Crimson Skies Plane Editor Version 3... Read the text file, no install required.
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