Install more than 1 game

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Install more than 1 game

Postby Onionbag » Sun Aug 19, 2012 2:57 pm

As some of you already know that i play CrimsonSkies, Mechcommander gold and sometimes Midtownmadness2,
And i would suggest that All members of the Digital blood sports lobby's install and play more than one game on their systems.

So if you log on to DBS and no1 is in the game that you usually play, then you can always jump across to another lobby. This will have the affect of keeping DBS lobby's populated and then surely this will encourage players to hang around longer increasing the chance of you bumping into some of the players of the game you play.
Sounds simple because it is.


PS. please don't spam this post or I'll ask for your reply's to be removed, this is a genuine post, so please keep it on topic.

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